i am a mixed-media artist, born from the froth in ohio and currently residing in chicago. i call myself a "mixed media artist" so that i can do whatever i want and nobody can complain.

animation is my first and deepest love, stop motion goes back furthest, but i like to give it my own silly twists because i don't like/don't think a stop motion needs to take 17 years to make to be a good film. i like mixing stop motion with whatever mediums and bitsies are exciting me at the moment - 3D, painting, pixel art, 3d printing, weird poetry all that jazz

i like my films to be as real as they can in expressing the world thru my brain and eyes, whatever that means on a given day. i like art that takes itself seriously, whether it is itself serious or silly. i like art that is not content with the world or the form of art as it is and tries to make the world more colorful, more just, and more diverse and open to new perspectives

THIS is my weird corner of the internet, it's got my movies all sorted out, and im adding things like my other visual art slowly over time

Rock On, Fellow Queers and Sticky People. its funny friday